b. 1979, OR.


Exploring how modern intuition affects how we engage with our digital surroundings.

I am a Digital Experience Designer/Art Director, living (born and raised, sort of... its complicated) in sunny Portland, Oregon. Currently, I spend my days at Nike WHQ designing digital experiences for Global Brand Design. Before that, I explored experiences for the Nike Explore Team (NXT). Before that, I contributed to Global and North American Digital Brand Design teams at Nike. Before that, I helped lead digital design efforts at Cinco Design. And before that, I cut my teeth at Razorfish

I find success in a good laugh, try not to take myself too seriously, make a mean chocolate chip cookie, and can hold my own at the Ping Pong table/soccer field/basketball court/wood shop.

In 2007, I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from Pacific Northwest College of Art. In a previous life, I also received two Bachelor degrees in Photography and Psychology from Purdue University... again, its complicated. 

CV available upon request.